EUROCHILE and the Chiliean Ambassador visiting the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce with LuxChile Chamber of Commerce

Picture: Ms. Diana RUTLEDGE, International Affaires - Latam in Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce; Mr. François COLLIN, Honorary Consul of Chili in Luxembourg; Mr. Jeannot ERPELDING, Director of International Affairs in Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce; Excl. Mr. Carlos APPELGREN, Ambassador of Chili for Belgium and Luxembourg; Mr. Miguel DIAZ-FERNANDEZ, President of the LuxChile Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Vicente CARUZ, EUROCHILE

​LuxChile is working in tighten strings between EUROCHILE and Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. We can see clear synergies between the entrepreneurs represented for both of them.

LuxChile was the catalyzer of this last encounter where we are building the ground for this collaboration. First step, the targeting of Luxembourgish sectors that could match with the Chilean exporters looking for partners in Europe.